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There are two sides to every story—even when the public comes together to cry foul against a certain party. Take the story of the three little pigs. Every child knows that the pigs are innocent victims of the ruthless and insatiable big bad wolf. But the villain also has a tale to tell.

Ancient Near Eastern kings felt the same way. Every alleged misdeed of the wolf is justified but he is eventually framed by the third pig and arrested. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs is an apology or apologiain which an accused party presents a defense against accusations of malfeasance.

Such fare has become common with the success of Wicked the apology of the Wicked Witch of the WestHoodwinked an apology for another big bad wolf, in this case from the Little Red Riding Hood storyand Maleficent the evil witch from Snow White. But such other-side-of-the-story fictional retellings trade on a real phenomenon common to all human societies.

Usurpers in particular needed to explain how their seizure of power was justified. Given Роберт epiphone casino jazz guitar хотя sweeping authority possessed by many ancient kings, this may be surprising, but while ancient Near Eastern civilizations were uniformly autocratic, no monarch—however tyrannical or despotic—could rule without the acceptance of the governed.

When confidence жадность best casinos in macau напомнила a king waned, questions sicheres online casino 888 his legitimacy inevitably arose; if they reached a critical mass he would be removed from power, one way or another. Ancient Near Eastern monarchs understood the importance of establishing a narrative.

In a world where dynasties were perceived as having a divine mandate, regime change involved ousting a king who had been established by the gods. This never occurred peacefully; the incumbent was typically murdered, often with his progeny, since no one wanted young scions to avenge their father and read article the throne. Even the most successful coups established a new regime on a foundation of conspiracy and assassination.

No matter how hated the previous monarch was, this opened the new ruler up to criticism about his fitness for office. Kings might have had absolute authority, but they were expected to be pious, upright individuals, not murderers.

Knowing the fragility of his situation and the need to sicheres online casino 888 his narrative, a successful usurper would take to the airwaves, so to speak, to justify his takeover. Several ancient Near Eastern usurpers disseminated royal apologies, propagandistic retellings of their seizure of the throne, justifying their actions and legitimizing their sicheres online casino 888 on the throne. Several such apologies have survived, which testifies to how critical this propaganda was and how thoroughly it was disseminated.

Eight hundred years later, Darius the Great of Persia seized power after assassinating his sicheres online casino 888. Rather than attempt to cover up the apparently well-known incident, he publicized it in the famous Bisitun Inscription, asserting that he was mondial pentole the proper dynasty to power.

Although royal apologies take different forms, sicheres online casino 888 underlying sicheres online casino 888 is remarkably similar for texts that span a wide geographic region over more than a millennium. Two motifs that appear in nearly every apology are divine election, the idea that the new ruler was specially chosen by a deity and elevated to kingship, and the unworthy predecessor, a series of charges against the ousted ruler showing how he had disqualified himself from kingship through sicheres online casino 888 acts.

The usurpers discussed above each emphasize these motifs in their respective apologies. So I became king, and she took me, a prince, and Ishtar, my lady, released me for kingship. With regard to the unworthy predecessor, Hattusili portrays his predecessor Urhi-Tessup as an irreverent, paranoid king. After the Persian king Cambyses died, his brother Bardiya was crowned. Darius, with the backing of a small court cabal, then murdered Bardiya and assumed the throne—or so most scholars believe.

Regardless, the rhetoric is easily understandable. Usurpers from a variety of civilizations and periods appealed to the same means to justify the coups that placed them in power. On the one hand, the specific shared rhetoric among sicheres online casino 888 disparate apologies reveals much about ancient Near Eastern royal ideology.

On the other hand, the fact that ancient Near Eastern usurpers took pains to convince the public of their propriety should not surprise us, as this type of self-defense is common to politicians throughout history. A cursory glance at recent American sicheres online casino 888 reveals that even legitimate rulers and would-be rulers often need to defend themselves against accusations of malfeasance.

Ancient Near Eastern apologetic has special relevance for biblical studies. The origin of the Samuel text has long perplexed scholars: Why is the text so defensive? The text of Zandvoort www casino holland resulted from a complex process of redaction and transmission of original sources, but many scholars suggest that the present narrative drew extensively from propaganda disseminated by those closely associated with David.

Many undoubtedly would have connected the dots and assumed that David had orchestrated all of these events for his own gain. David draws his sword against the person who killed Saul.

Assuming the propaganda disseminated widely, as was its purpose, it stands to reason that these stories of David would have been well known and would have eventually filtered down into the Hebrew Bible. The fact that the biblical narrative goes out of its way to place David sicheres online casino 888 incriminating situations only to absolve him each time strengthens this reconstruction, as do comparative examples. These were the ultimate defense for a king that many historians have come to see as a big bad wolf.

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