Dansprogram Regioner Dansband Topplistor. Övrigt Nyheter Kursguide I-jen Do Duo -DK Kjetil Nordfjeld & Chris Stefans. Golden tiger casino dk Find professionelle virksomheder i Danmark | Find virksomheder

News from here. From all over the world. September 7th. Accident in Circus Arnardo. 3 young people were heard yesterday in Circus Arnardo –Norway.

The accident happened when one of the plates on the gradin was broken golden tiger casino dk and the spectators felt 2 metres down to the ground. It is very rare that something like that happens and circus Arnardo will go through all the plates visit web page prevent another accident.

Jimmi Johansson is performing the Tinker horses in Circus Scott in the current tour. In he was golden tiger casino dk with Bengt Kallquist starting up circus Maximum and later he had circus Scala. Jimmi is in family with the Kosowiiks, at the moment touring with the Danish circus Arena.

Golden tiger casino dk clowns in Circus Arena Denmark in season will be the two fantastic brothers — Rossyan. They can play almost all instruments and do just click for source extremely well. I wrote a few days ago, that Casselys Elephants would be in Arena next year. It is correct that Cassely is signed by Benny Berdino but not to circus Arena.

The Elephant act in Arena in the season will be once again Sonny Frankello. Rivelinos will stay with Americano for one year. Circus Scandinavia invited yesterday 45 kids in Circus Benneweis — Copenhagen. They were all very happy and ready to be entertained by Fumagalli and all the other artists in Benneweis. All the kids agreed in, that Fumagalli was the best and he was out after the performance to say hello to them all.

He was there for about 15 minnutes because he had to write his autograph on the back of all the tickets and to do a lot of photo sessions with the kids.

The local government in Copenhagen will not allow circus Dannebrogs camels on the lawn in the park. The government says that the camels destroyed a part of golden tiger casino dk grass last golden tiger casino dk when Dannebrog was in Copenhagen. Circus Dannebrog has offered to pay for the grass but has been refused. Italian crossbows artists in circus Arnardo and at the moment on tour with Circus Moira Orfei, will be a part of the German circus Krone February program.

Later this year they will be apart of Hailbrommer Christmas circus. Rene Cassely is signed to circus Arena for the next season. Casselys has been in Circus Arena before. We hope of cause that it is still legal to perform elephants in Danish circus in Rene is at the moment on tour with circus Buch Roland in Germany. Rumours say that Louis Golden tiger casino dk jun.

Louis Knie performs with Horses, Elephants and exotic animals. Two of the major circuses in See more have both premieres in Copenhagen tomorrow August 29 th. Circus Benneweis will stay at Bellahoej until September 7 th.

And this date will be the end for the seasson. Circus Dannebrog will stay golden tiger casino dk September 21st. The sea lion acts in Dannebrog and Benneweis are presented by two brothers with engagements in two different circus. So now is the chance for the Pedersen family to visit each other. Both Circus are in a high international qualityso Circus Scandinavia recommend a visit.

Also in Norway there is circus in the capital. Here it is the fantastic Circus Merano visiting Oslo. Their last show will be September 14 th. Again Circus Scandinavia highly recommend a golden tiger casino dk. But she is not going on holiday because her next contract starts September 9 th. The Swedish trick riders currently on tour with circus Arena in Denmark are signed from decenber 18 th to January 4 th.

A new web page about circus Scott in Sweden will soon be opened on the net. There will be history about Scott and some pictures. News, people behind Scott and much more. The layout golden tiger casino dk nice and golden tiger casino dk are all looking forward to the opening of the page. This page must be the first private web in Scandinavia concerning a single circus. Keep up the good work and I hope we will see more of those kind pages in the future. For all circus fans in south of Sweden golden tiger casino dk here is the chance to see all 3 major circuses in Denmark.

Arena, Benneweis and Dannebrog are at the moment in Copenhagen or in the surroundings. So if you are ready to use a weekend you can see them all in two days. The Danish government are working on a new law for animals in circus. The Danish government planes to ban elephants and sealions in all Danish circus.

The truth for those animals are that they are often treated better than animals in any Zoo. Take a look at the male elephant in Copenhagen when he is in mush — yes here he is tied up for weeks. Please all you people who know anything about circus animals — tell the Danish government that they are wrong, tell that if they love animals then do something about the chicken industry or the horrible transportations for slaughter animals. Dette er simpelthen ikke korrekt.

Det er korrekt, at det ikke er optimalt liv som cirkus dyr men disse dyr har absolut en mission. Antallet af konkurrence heste og transporter overstiger i denne branche er langt mere omfattende end i cirkus.

Der findes ikke ret mange elefanter i fangenskab i Europa sammenlagt ca. Dette tal er kraftigt faldende, da det er meget vanskeligt med parringer i fangenskab, grundet han elefantens temperament.

Tyskland hvor transporttiden er langt mere omfattende end i Danmark. So called animal specialists, pointed out of the Danish government, has recommended, that elephants and sea lions shall be banned in circus. The reason is the transportation over long distances every day should harm the animals. The funny part of this suggestion is that horses are not mentioned but the problem here would be that all the nice riding horses used in competitions would be in danger in such a law proposal and that would harm people outside circus.

Spindlers Elephants in Circus Benneweis Foxwood resort Benneweis think it should be illegal but they perform in Benneweis anyway.

This proposal is absolute out golden tiger casino dk control, when you at the same time can see animals transportations through Europe, with animals without foot or water. The way the foot industry threats the animals with small caves and stables should be banned because that here cruel. A heavy thunderstorm overturned a circus yesterday in Germany.

Lots of animals was running away but was cached after a few hours. Kim Kenneth —Illusionist from Http://gryhazardowe4.info/casino-in-seefeld.php with an international career and in the moment on tour with circus Althoff-Jacobi in Austria, won a price as the best act in Austria this year.

Herbert Bengtsson performed his own Golden tiger casino dk horses in the start golden tiger casino dk this season. From August the first the улыбнулась casino party favors них are travelling with circus Scott —performed by Jimmi Johansson.

Instead is Herbert Bengtsson performing with his New forest horses. At the moment is Herberts horses performing in circus Agora Norway — 6 white horses performed by Jan Ketil.

Futhermore there is 6 Camels in circus Finlandia performed by Miroslaw Maternik. The well known magcian and magic dealer Mr Steen Pegani, have golden tiger casino dk in his store on Sunday August the 31th.

There will be sale on this day only but at the same time there will be a magic seminar with Jay Scott Berry. For futher information - HERE. If you are on holliday in Denmark and would like to visit some of the Danish circus you can read the review on this page.

But if you want to find any Danish circus you can go to Ole Simonsens webpage and look at the circus calender. It is opdated every week Roulette regeln tipps the weekend. There is lots of other nice stuff on the page and it is absolutely worth visiting. It is both in Danish and English and includes a golden tiger casino dk of historic information to.

Please take a look at Oles page here. On tour with circus Scott in Sweden — performing horses trained by Herbert Bengtsson from circus Olympia, were founder of circus Minimum together with Bengt Kallquist back in Now Bengt has his circus alone and changed the name to Maximum many years ago. So if you want to be entertained of the world famous clowns as Revelinos Los Sittos you have the chance here.

Circus Baldomi in Denmark reports to circus Scandinavia that their second season is just fantastic. It is very sad to announce that the circus Artist Eva Garcia is dead after an accident yesterday in England. All the thoughts goes from circus Scandinavia to Eva and her family.

A small sea lion baby was born a few days ago in the Danish circus Dannebrog. The owner and sea lion trainer Hans Christian Pedersen are this year on tour with circus Dannebrog in Denmark. His brother Steven Pedersen are touring with a similar show but are with the Danish circus Benneweis. When circus Golden tiger casino dk tomorrow enters their circus place in Horsholm, north of Copenhagen, it is not where they use to be.

Of some unknown reason the circus place are moved to be besides the swimming arena. Circus Benneweis who is coming later this month will be by the sports arena to. For more information about where and when please use this link yo Ole Simonsens page Circus in Denmark. The 30 years old Swedish monocycle artist will perform on Liseberg for the last time tonight.

Golden tiger casino dk Knapp did click the season with Circus Agora in Norway in the spring but had to leave for an old contract with the amusement park in Gothenburg Sweden. But after tonight Malte Knapp will be back in Circus Agora for the next two months.

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