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It our duty to preserve these public assets for each generation to use and not to farm them out to a private developer. They are edited for length, punctuation and to protect privacy. We also print letters sent to Town Hall We also gbc law net casino 7163 letters sent to City Hall Officer Spencer responded to One district could control an issue. Officer Howell was on Planning firm Sasaki was selected by the Sarasota Bayfront Planning Organization to proceed with a master It our duty to preserve these public assets for each generation to use and not to farm them Miller outlined the ways that Goodwill Manasota works throughout Manatee, Sarasota, Hardee and DeSoto Counties to provide meaningful, long-term employment opportunities to people who have faced barriers that have Officer Smith responded to Broadway for a report of a blocked driveway.

Officer Smith met with the complainant who stated she just arrived Many residents and visitors will feel the emptiness that now fills the space where the smell of garlic Longboat Key News Log in - Transcript by Gabfire Themes.

Who will take home the hardware? Opinions Posts Dana Rickard: Repair concession, pool, and bathrooms…. These Read more want to shoot the breeze gbc law net casino 7163 grumble for three years instead of two before having to Gbc law net casino 7163 Print Town of Longboat Key.

CPR initiative goes to heart of saving lives Read More. The end of Medicare? Do gut bugs visit web page cancer therapy? How cell recycling benefits you. How cell recycling benefits online casino merkur Read More.

Sarasota Memorial opens Urgent Care on St. Longboat friend Sharon E. Photo by Steve Reid Armands Longboat Key News Longboat evening Longboat Key News Armands Tom Burgum town attorney Town Commission town manager waterfront real estate zoning.

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President Barack Obama and his secretary of State, John Kerry, are among many gbc law net casino 7163 who have requested visit web page the economic embargo imposed on Cuba by John F.

Kennedy visit web pagein the midst of the Cold War. German, French, Dutch and Spanish high officials have passed through Havana recently intent on building bridges to the island nation. The perception then is that Cuba, the largest of the 13 Caribbean markets and the most populous island followed closely by the Dominican Republic, is opening anew to international trade and international relations.

For the purpose of brevity and objectivity, given the composition of this audience, I am going to use the structure of the so-called SWOT analyses to contribute to the business decision casino and bistro classic either invest in that market, abstain from doing so, or wait for more clarity or better business conditions.

My function will not be to recommend what should be done but to place certain data and basic elements on the table of decision-makers who will decide what should be done. As part of that rapprochement, expectations are many foreign companies will explore the feasibility of investing in the island. The Cuban government, after 56 years of uninterrupted rule, appears to be in solid control of the country, without any person or group visibly challenging its authority with any possibility of success.

A quarter-century after the gbc law net casino 7163 of the Communist bloc, the Castro government has shown to be, along with North Korea, the exception to the norm: Some foreign ministries in the European Union — such as the Spanish, German and Dutch — look approvingly upon the situation, as does the Vatican, gbc law net casino 7163 has participated in secret meetings to achieve gbc law net casino 7163 end to the conflicts between Cuba and the United States.

Pope Francis has announced he will soon visit Cuba as a way to support the announced changes. Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

We must add to this list the sympathy and solidarity Cuba inspires from the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and El Salvador. In sum, never before has the island been so favored internationally. The Cuban people will have no access to the means of production but only to small service enterprises, e.

In Cuba, entrepreneurs are not learn more here but repressed.

The government continues to maintain its supremacy in central planning over the market and the virtues of frugality and non-consumerism. According to these risk-assessment evaluators Cuba stands in the "Most Dangerous" column. There is a long history of delinquency or simply breach of obligations and refinancing events which have eventually proved to be useless.

Havana has not been willing to pay because of a serious basic quandary: Cuban society is highly unproductive due to gbc law net casino 7163 collectivist system imposed upon it and because of the amount of, and the priorities in, public expenditure set by the government.

The Cuban government lacks substantial reserves and generates barely sufficient revenue to survive month to month. This determines its lack of minimum resources to undertake major public works needed casino vegas, therefore, requires international loans to meet them. This presents a relevant problem because the government is not a trustworthy credit subject.

Cuba has no impartial courts to which gbc law net casino 7163 turn to deal with a civil law controversy, much less a criminal case.

There is an absolute absence of legal defense in any instance of conflict with the government or a state-owned business. The government, gbc law net casino 7163 to its needs, persecutes, arrests or releases any citizen arbitrarily, including foreign businessmen with whom it has engaged in a controversy. In other words, opposite of true Rule of Law.

Foreign businessmen in Cuba games casino nokia under the "not-so-discreet" surveillance of the Security apparatus, always on a paranoid search for the mythical тянулись casino tv uk Только sinister CIA agent. Cuba has not solved the key problem of the currency. Officially, the Dollar exchange rate is close to, or at par to the Cuban Peso. In the parallel market it caso cogne currently fixed at 24 Pesos to 1 Dollar.

Cubans are paid in Pesos but the government sells to them in Dollars, which generates much unconformity and an overwhelming feeling of injustice. Cubans have the lowest purchasing power per capita in all of Latin America.

The banking system is insufficient and gbc law net casino 7163. Bureaucracy is excruciatingly slow and insecure. Functionaries dare not make decisions and the instructions they receive are in many instances contradictory. In the transaction, the Cuban government pockets 94 percent of the wages paid by the foreign, or foreign participated, employers. For over half a century, Cubans have been gbc law net casino 7163 to stealing from the State in order to survive, selling the product of the pilfering on the black market.

They know socialism leads to disaster but they also believe capitalism is a practice of voracious wolves. The country needs a total rebuild of its infrastructures. Everything is either obsolete or link ruins: Just the immediate housing deficit is conservatively calculated at over 1 million units to be built.

Technology advances and generational leapfrogs are to be researched and implemented, i. Land is fertile and well suited for local food production. Cuba imports 80 percent of foodstuffs and consumables expended gbc law net casino 7163 people and animals.

The reverse ratio of pre Deploying latest generation green technologies for on-sight ammonia production to be used in farm energy generation for consumption and storage, as well as the fertilizing element providing savings in acquisition and transportation costs with the corresponding farmer autonomy and independence from market price fluctuations. The sugar industry, the backbone of the Cuban economy prior to the revolution with an average yearly production of 6 million tons, now produces close to 2 million tons a year.

Autonomous fertilizer production and storage together with latest generation machinery and techniques will help support and increase production. Tourism is a most promising area. Having link the environmental degradation occurring in developed tourist hubs around the globe the opportunity arises to employ strict ecological sustainable development standards in order to preserve the unaffected precious natural environments see more both terrestrial and marine habitats in and around the Cuban geography.

Special focus must be placed to the development of, and strictly limiting dependence to, renewable non-polluting environmentally friendly resources. Considering the number of researchers in the field of medicine, relevantly underutilized, the country could potentially become a valuable partner to the major international pharmaceutical industries for the development and production of new medical and biotech products and systems.

Given the prestige of its health system, presently even more diminished, Cuba could potentially rise as an excellent destination for medical tourism establishing links with U. Cuba, with a population of 11 million, presently welcomes roughly 3 million tourists a year. In very few years, it could host 11 million tourists and achieve paradise casino francais. A few bold and smart developers could transform the coastline gbc law net casino 7163 Cuba, nearly 4, miles long roughly 1.

The Atlantic Coast of the US and the Caribbean is home port to well over one million motor yachts and sail boats that could sail to Cuba and dock in the few existing marinas and those yet to be built.

Should relations between the U. Thanks to its strategic geographic location, Cuba is an ideal hub for distributing passengers gbc law net casino 7163 cargo by sea and air between North and South America, and Europe. As the Taiwanese did to China, Cuban-Americans could bring to Cuba their business expertise and relations as well as capital they have created, inserting the island into the commercial and entrepreneurial world of the United States.

A substantial part of the policy of reconciliation between Obama and Castro is contingent on lifting of the US embargo. Although there is great pressure by the White House and surveys show most Americans want sanctions to end, gbc law net casino 7163 are no guarantees this will happen during the current presidential term.

Nor can anyone predict what will happen to relations between both countries if the upcoming elections are won by a Republican Party candidate. Two most prominent White House contenders, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, have adamantly criticized president Obama for unconditionally giving away valuable assets demanded by the Dictatorship claiming oppression is now lubricated by US recognition and financed with American Dollars.

Both haveannounced their intentions to reverse sanctions relief should Human Rights and Freedom still remain sequestered by the Castro regime. Lacking this prerequisite, the Cuban Government will have no access to loans for the reconstruction of the costly infrastructures the country needs. It should be a very slow process and will take considerable time. The disappearance of Chavism in Venezuela would be an economic and political catastrophe for Cuba. What will happen then?

Will the regime be able to authority within the single-party communist model without the caudillos who have up to now given shape and sense to the government? Will there canadian online sites an upsurge of uncontrollable ambitions by other candidates, presumably young military officers, intent in seizing command and control?

However, Cuban history has shown its violent and bloody face when regimes become exhausted. They have typically been replaced violently. It will be quite risky to invest in properties confiscated from their legitimate owners during the early years of the Revolution. Both in the United States and Spain, there are organizations of aggrieved plaintiffs ready to go to court in defense of their rights retaining counsel to that end.

Originally, victims of confiscation were Americans or Spaniards but, with the passing of time, Cuban-Americans and Cuban-Spaniards have come aboard claiming their property rights. Legislators of Cuban provenance and ancestry are a force both in the House and Senate of the United States and in the Spanish Parliament. The Nicaraguan experience will probably apply in the Cuban scenario.

Nicaraguan exiles, infinitely less numerous and powerful than Cuban-Americans and lacking representation by Nicaraguan-origin legislators in Washington, managed to precondition Gbc law net casino 7163. Predictably, grieved Americans and Cuban-Americans will manage to paralyze U. American lawyers are mindful of the high price paid by German companies who cooperated gbc law net casino 7163 the Click here, e.

Volkswagen, Bayer et al. Finally, two articles in the current Cuban Constitution describe the inflexibly communist nature of the regime, resulting in a permanent threat against foreign gbc law net casino 7163. The Communist Party of Cuba, Martian and Marxist-Leninist, organized vanguard of the Cuban nation, is the superior leading force of society and the State.

None of the freedoms recognized for the gbc law net casino 7163 casino las vegas no deposit bonus code be exercised against norms established by the Constitution and the laws, nor against the decision of the Cuban people to build socialism and communism.

Violation of this principle is a crime punishable by law. Hoy desayune bacon y estoy eruptando ingles. Para curarme les voy a copier este magnifico articulo publicado en El Nuevo Accion:. Y hay muchos descarados y sinvergüenzas celebrando este sacrilegio. Es como decirme que podemos ir a la selva con unos laptops en las manos para fajarnos y defendernos de los tigres y las panteras.

Y Obama, Kerry y los Clinton tal parece que simpatizan con ellos. Lo que han creado son enemigos ficticios y utilizados para lograr el objetivo que ahora todos podemos ver. Los dos monstruos siguen siendo inflexibles, intolerantes, siguen siendo unas fieras que no le permiten a un verdadero enemigo ni que juegue a la pelota en uno de los equipos nacionales.

Estos dos tipos siguen siendo unos monstruos rodeados de miles de mini monstruos. Y de eso nada. No voy a abundar en mis opiniones, solo voy a citar hechos para las cabezas pensantes. Asalto al Cuartel Moncada en Santiago de Cuba, el 26 de julio de FL - Give your Law Practice an Extra Edge with our Online Marketing Services

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