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No matter where you are in epiphone casino pickups world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Our site appears in English, but real russian roulette 4hared prices will display in your local currency. Epiphone casino pickups you shop, we'll only show you items ship to Russian Federation.

Epiphone casino pickups you prefer to see our full catalog, change the Ship-To country to U. It's a racecar coupe-sized version of the iconic hollowbody that for 50 years Please choose another style.

And now the Casino's unique hollowbody design is made smaller for easy strumming and travel. See all my reviews. Ask me a question. Bought my Cherry Casino Coupe a couple of weeks ago and I waited a little while before posting a review of it. This is the first guitar I've owned with P pickups and I wished I'd bought a guitar with these pickups before now. Diablo 3 portal play mostly gospel music at church and at nursing homes.

I own an Epiphone Dot, which is a style guitar, and the Casino Coupe has the newer size body. I really like the smaller size of this guitar; it is more comfortable to play that the Dot. I also like the alla roulette sistemi that the output jack is where it ought to be, on the bottom of the body, instead on the face of the guitar as with the Dot.

Quality, Fit and Finish are great and the guitar looks sharp in cherry. I like the tuners on this guitar as well. Although the Casino Coupe is a hollow body, it doesn't seem as prone to feedback as other hollow bodies I've own; possibly because of it's smaller size. It sounds great through my Fender Vibrochamp amp and the guitar is a lot of fun to play. The only problem I see with this guitar as shipped is the stock strings: I prefer heavier gauge strings with a wound G string anyway so I changed them out with the D'Addario EXLW strings I usually used and it sounds better with those strings than the stock strings and they do hold their pitch better.

I might experiment a little and try some flatwounds on it in the future. With the next few weeks once it's broken in, I intend to get the style case Epiphone epiphone casino pickups for my Casino Couple. If you are looking for a great playing electric with P pickups, buy this guitar! Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Was this review helpful? I had been eyeing the John Lennon Inspired Casino for about a year and continue reading lightly used one had shown up in a local epiphone casino pickups. I went in, checked it out and thought that I would be back to buy it the next payday.

Before payday rolled around, I came across Http:// pre-release ad for the Casino Coupe. Epiphone casino pickups had always liked the size of the s, but there hadn't been a hollowbody that size. So I waited for almost epiphone casino pickups entire year before they epiphone casino pickups their way up to my part of Canada, but one of the local music stores finally received stock and so I went down and learn more here immediately impressed with the playability, size, weight, epiphone casino pickups and finish of the one they had in stock.

Unfortunately it was a sunburst and I wanted the natural. So no problem, one was on its way and would be instore within a week or so. Great, I thought, epiphone casino pickups went home to wait. Well that evening Epiphone casino pickups saw epiphone casino pickups ad online I phoned immediately, and was worried it would be stolen or some sort of scam. Nope, it was legit. He's a professional musician who is getting a bit older and wanted to see if epiphone casino pickups smaller body could replace his sized Casino.

And for him the answer was no, and epiphone casino pickups wife said his guitar collection already took up enough space so it had to go. He explained that he barely used the guitar, and only at home, so it was like new, he even had the receipt. I paid him and brought it home where it has become epiphone casino pickups go to guitar for almost every occasion.

I especially like that it has a very nice tone when played acoustically. It isnt as loud as an acoustic guitar which means it's great for playing or practicing late at night. Basically i think this is one of the best purchases i epiphone casino pickups ever made.

I have owned it for about a year and i still love it. This is a beautiful guitar, epiphone casino pickups sound, nice jangley resonance.

Epiphone casino pickups, it needs a luthier because of the cheap epiphone casino pickups I've returned this guitar once because the "e" logo was slightly bent up from the pick guard. Second one was она tipps fur spielautomaten vergnugungssteuer мягко much better.

Epiphone said the epiphone casino pickups can be taken off and we did that. They did a terrible job painting the black on the inside edges of the f holes. Epiphone casino pickups suggested a luthier could touch this up. We did that as best we could roulette player the top one only to save money, the one under the pickup is still a mess.

The pickup switch's lock-down nut was boogered on the sides, we replaced it. I spent less than a C-note at the luthier's and I am happy with what I have. But it could have been so much more if they had given it some QC. Could be my mind is playing tricks on me with the colors of the necks, but I think the natural's neck is more C shaped than the sunburst's more D shape.

But that is not in any of the descriptions, so take that with a grain of salt. I have gotten so many compliments on the looks natural finish and sound of this guitar. Usually for a stock guitar I end up swapping out the pickups, but these epi p90s sound great, so I'll definitely leave them in.

It came with 10's but with learn more here trapeze tailpiece, they feel really slinky.

I put pure nickel 11's on there, which beefed up the sound and feel perfect. Action is great, awesome guitar. I have played the Casino and the Casino Coupe. I find that the Coupe is more comfortable to play than the original Casino since it has epiphone casino pickups smaller body size.

I was hesitant at first to even play the Coupe. I feared the quality of the Casino would have gone down.

Needless to say, I was dead wrong. I just recently picked up a cherry finish Coupe and immediately fell in love. The P90 pickups are so versatile that you can literally play any genre of music.

The guitar was setup perfectly. The finish is beautiful, electronics are spot on. If you are even remotely considering picking up one of these guitars today, DO IT! You will not be disappointed at all. This is the real deal and a must have for your collection today. Well made guitar with no flaws in the workmanship or epiphone casino pickups. This quality control on Epiphone guitars is better than on the Gibson guitars I have bought.

I love this guitar. The neck is very slim and easy to hold. The action is epiphone casino pickups and low right out of the box. I like the super light weight. It makes it easy to play standing up for hours While at the same time it's balanced, so you don't get "neck dive" - like some other light weight guitars. Very nicely finished, with just some minor over-spray of the interior. This has all the classic sounds from the 60's that you could want, from clean and sparkly to dark and dirty.

The P90s really work their best on these hollow-bodys. I'm an apartment player. I use it for noodling, practicing, jamming over songs and background tracks. It is light and comfortable and easy to play. I love the tone of the P90s with the small hollowbody thinline. I enjoy playing it more than my Gibson ES Epiphone casino pickups was fret buzz when I got it, but I took it back and some of the frets had popped, Guitar tech with a rubber mallet fixed the problem.

I love this guitar! I visit web page had Casinos before but I really prefer the smaller body size of this guitar.

No flaws in the finish, no sharp frets or buzzes. Plays and sounds amazing. I may end up buying another one for my son since he likes mine so much. Epiphone makes great guitars and they are priced right. I own many guitars.

Epiphone casino pickups Epiphone Elitist Casino | Guitar Center

No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Our site appears in English, but all prices will display in your local currency. As you shop, we'll only show you items that ship to Russian Federation. If you prefer to see our full catalog, change the Ship-To country to U.

Ever since The Beatles purchased three Casinos back in please click for source, this hol Please choose another style. Ever since The Beatles purchased epiphone casino pickups Casinos back inthis hollow Epi model has taken on a epiphone casino pickups of its own. Equipped with two vintage P single-coil pickups, the Casino still delivers those Beatlesque tones at a price every player can afford.

I had been lusting after a Casino for a while. Jonesing epiphone casino pickups a hollow body and always wanted a guitar with P90's. Had had my eye on a epiphone casino pickups edition gold sparkle Casino Had had my eye on a limited edition gold sparkle Casino that was at a local shop for a long time.

This particular guitar sounded fantastic, but wasn't the best player. Every time I had been in the shop I had considered epiphone casino pickups, but hadn't pulled the trigger. Given the length of time this guitar was hanging on the wall, I was surprised that is was flawless as far as it's fit and finish, and chalked it up to the fact that the kids and shredders just had no interest in this style of guitar.

So the other day I went in hoping to get this guitar home. Really inspected the guitar this time. Discovered that it's nut was cut WAY to high from the factory, and the neck had no relief, if not a little back bow. My guess was this was why this gorgeous looking and sounding guitar stayed on the Итак, golden tiger casino featured games уже for so long. Had a tech file the nut slots, adjust the nut slots, set the action.

Now the guitar plays wonderfully, and as any guitar with a proper setup should play. Its actually dead-on to Gibson set up specs as far as action, neck relief and pickup height. Some things that I feel I need to address. Some of the things that people are com paining about are just inherent things about this type of guitar, and don't consider them negatives, flaws, etc.

It's the nature of this type of guitar. For example, buzzing while playing acoustic This is an electric guitar, not an acoustic. And as long as it has a properly set up neck, the correct amount of relief, and no high frets which would require a fret level, crown and polish buzzing won't be a problem. Also, as mentioned, it's an electric guitar, not an acoustic, so people shouldn't more info complaining about it not being loud enough unplugged!

Finally, unfortunately you can't adjust the pickup height of the dog-ear P90's, but that's just epiphone casino pickups nature of the beast with these pickups. You can actually purchase shims to raise them, but can't lower them, but again, it comes with the territory.

Luckily mine go here, fell right on the mark with Gibson factory setup spec one the guitar got a legitimate setup. Also, this guitar will feedback. It's a full hollow body.

You need to learn how to tame that. There are countless videos of Gary Clark Jr. If he can control the feedback in these situations I'm sure you can learn how to as well! Just takes a little practice, people! It's not a epiphone casino pickups when your's feeds back, it just inherent in this this web page. This is why guitars had solid blocks installed in them back in the day and became semi-hollow as opposed to fully hollow, like the Casino.

Other things worth mentioning I can't believe that this guitar left the factory with such a poorly cut nut. It was somewhat comical to see the little sticker on the back of the headstock essentially bragging about being inspected and set up at the casino en ligne novoline I realize most guitars even a lot of epiphone casino pickups guitars costing much more will need a basic set-up by a competent tech, but in this case it was unacceptable.

Literally half the nut was filed away, and was cut so high originally that notes would always be epiphone casino pickups sharp, most noticeably when playing open chords in first position. Also, the frets needed a good polishing and the fret ends epiphone casino pickups a little TLC. Again, no big deal, and almost expected on epiphone casino pickups guitar at this price point. If you bend a lot, you'll feel a difference, and benefit from a fret polishing.

All of these little gripes shouldn't detract a potential buyer, because you should be getting any new guitar set up properly anyway and most need minor tweaks off the shelf. After the set up and attention to the nut it plays like a dream.

The P90's sound great. Fits right in the middle between my single coils and humbuckers, and sound great clean, but also sound very fat, gritty, mean, and dirty when pushing an amp into breakup territory. Everyone obviously associated this guitar epiphone casino pickups the beatles, but you can get pretty much anything you want from this instrument, from killer "Keef" tones, to Rich Robinsn type stuff, to Son Volt, Wilco, etc.

As long as you know what you're getting into, get a full setup, and don't have any unrealistic expectations, you should be very pleased with a properly set up Casino. I'm a thirty year player, composer, collector. I owned this guitar ina few years before Epiphone was massacred by Gibson in quality, which has never been amended. The wire trapeze tailpiece is unsteady and bends-leans either which way, the worst tailpiece design I've ever encountered, and no amount of lowering the bridge could us mobile casino games the action close enough to the fretboard for decent playability.

Poor paint management around F holes. I'm a huge Beatles fan. I understand they loved Casinos. But that wasand Epiphone was a different company. My advice, get a Hagstrom. They have Rickenbacker-type quality in their build, Hagstroms, the best mid-priced hollow-style bodies with outstanding quality, sound, and action. Their set from top to tails up is serious and solid. Comments about Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar:. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Was this review helpful? This is an amazing instrument. The body feels large at first for an electric but the sounds you can get from it more then make up for it. It's also dead sexy.

It is my first hollow body and I am loving it. One of the first guitars I've owned that I was in love with from day one.

All the feature you would expect from a classic model like this. Pretty straight forward equipment for the price range, still feels like a great value though.

Mine is a Chinese made model in natural finish. It has a good fit and finish, it seems to be as well built and solid as any of the similar Gibson models I have been around.

Even the set up on the one I received was excellent and was great to play epiphone casino pickups of the box.

Seems an excellent value for the money. Great epiphone casino pickups to it, good looks, comfortable neck, solid feel to all the controls. The tuners seem good so far, and I am happy with this level of P pick-ups. Each guitar is an instrument to itself and keeping that in mind the Epiphone Casino is great.

I have owned a few of the Gibson ESTD's over the epiphone casino pickups and they all felt a little different from each other, epiphone casino pickups they should, no two guitars are the same. My Casino plays and sounds great, no issues at all. It's not a Strat, epiphone casino pickups Tele, or ait's just a great instrument in its own rights and the price is awesome. Mine is the cheaper version and I would not have paid epiphone casino pickups for the more expensive "John Lennon" model for what I wanted it for.

I still play various models of Fender and Gibson guitars but the Epiphone is a feel all to its own and my other guitars don't offer what this guitar does, I love it. Great construction, quality parts, a joker casino chips great neck and fret work and is beautifully finished. The P90 pickups are great pickups, but you have to know what to expect from a P They're not Humbuckers or Fender single coil pickups and they do have a tone of their own.

With the right understanding, a good ear and correct amp settings, this palms job fair casino will do anything you require. See all my reviews. I had this guitar several years ago. Somedays I wish that I still had it it looked beautiful and felt like butter.

I played this guitar live and have recorded with it. It was solid and never let me down. My only beef with it and main reason I sold it was that the pickups were really weak no matter how much I tweaked the amp or guitar.

I had to use epiphone casino pickups EQ epiphone casino pickups to get this thing to reach its potential. For that reason, I would say that it is mainly a rhythm guitar and is not really meant for leads. You will either have to swap epiphone casino pickups pickups or use your EQ pedal for this guitar to reach its potential.

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