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The wider Milan metropolitan areaknown as Greater Milanis a polycentric metropolitan region that extends over central Lombardy and casa comunale milano Piedmont and which counts an estimated total population of 8,, making it by far the largest metropolitan area source Italy. Milan is considered a leading Alpha Global City[12] with strengths in the artscommercedesigneducationentertainmentfashionfinancehealthcaremediaservicesresearchand tourism.

Its business casa comunale milano hosts Italy's Stock Exchange and the headquarters of the largest national and international banks and companies. In terms of GDPit has the third largest economy among European cities. The city has long been named fashion capital of the world and the world's design capital, [15] thanks casa comunale milano several international events and fairs, including Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture Fairwhich are currently among the world's biggest in terms of revenue, visitors and growth.

Casa comunale milano city is served by a large number of luxury hotels and is the fifth most starred in the ingyen jatekok casinos online by Michelin Guide.

Internazionaleand one of Italy's main basketball en ligne en 3d, Olimpia Milano. The etymology of the name Milan Link One theory holds that the Latin name Mediolanum comes from the Latin words medio in the middle and planus plain.

Indeed, about sixty Gallo-Roman sites in France bore the name "Mediolanum", for example: The foundation of Milan is credited to two Celtic peoplesthe Bituriges and the Aeduihaving as their emblems a ram and a boar; [25] therefore "The city's symbol is a casa comunale milano boar, an animal of double form, here with sharp bristles, there casa comunale milano sleek wool.

Meilan appears to have been founded around BC by the Celtic Insubresafter whom this region of northern Italy was called Insubria. According to the legend reported by Livythe Gaulish king Ambicatus sent his nephew Bellovesus casa comunale milano northern Italy at the head of a party drawn from various Gaulish tribes; this Bellovesus was said to have founded Mediolanum in the time of Tarquinius Priscusaccording to this legend.

Maximian built several gigantic monuments, the large circus x 85 metresthe thermae or "Baths of Hercules", a large complex of imperial palaces and other services and buildings of which fewer visible traces remain. Maximian click the city area surrounded by a new, larger stone wall about 4. The monumental area casa comunale milano twin towers; one that was included in the convent of San Maurizio Maggiore remains 16,60 m high.

It was from Milan that the Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan in AD, granting tolerance to all religions within the Empire, thus paving the way for Christianity to become the casa comunale milano religion casa comunale milano the Empire. Constantine was in Casa comunale milano to celebrate the wedding of his sister to the Eastern Emperor, Licinius. Incasa comunale milano city was besieged by the Goths and the Imperial residence was moved to Ravenna.

Init was besieged again by Attilabut the real break with its Imperial past came induring the Gothic Warwhen Mediolanum was laid to waste by Uraia, a nephew of WitigesKing of the Goths, with great loss of life. The beginning of the 5th century was the start of a tortuous period of barbarian invasions for Milan. After the city was besieged by the Visigoths inthe imperial residence was moved to Ravenna.

In the summer ofa Teutonic tribethe Http:// from which the name of the Italian region Lombardy derivesconquered Milan, overpowering the click to see more Byzantine army left for its defence. Some Roman structures remained in use in Milan under Lombard rule.

The 11th century saw a reaction against the control of the German emperors. The city-state was born, an expression of the new political power of the city and its will to fight against all feudal powers. Milan was no exception. It did not take long, casa comunale milano, for casa comunale milano City States to begin fighting each other to try to limit neighbouring powers.

This brought the destruction of much of Milan in A fire destroyed the storehouses containing the entire food supply: A period casa comunale milano peace followed and Milan prospered as a centre of trade due to its position.

Casa comunale milano a result of the independence that the Lombard cities gained in the Peace of Constance inMilan became a duchy. The Ambrosian Republic took its name casa comunale milano St.

Ambrose, popular patron saint of the city of Milan. Nonetheless, the Republic collapsed when, inMilan was conquered by Francesco Sforzaof the House of Sforzawhich made Cose di casa rivista one of the leading cities of the Casa comunale milano Renaissance. This prompted him to come back a few years later inand claim the Duchy of Milan for himself, his grandmother having been a member of the ruling Visconti family.

At casa comunale milano time, Milan was also defended by Swiss mercenaries. The Great Plague of Milan in —31 casa comunale milano an estimated 60, people out of a population ofThis episode is considered one of the last outbreaks of the centuries-long pandemic of plague that began with the Black Death.

After his death, the War of the Spanish Succession began in with the occupation of all Spanish possessions by French troops backing the claim of the French Philippe of Anjou to the Spanish throne. Inthe French were defeated in Ramillies and Turin and were forced to yield northern Italy to the Austrian Habsburgs.

In — the Treaties of Utrecht and Rastatt formally confirmed Austrian sovereignty over most of Spain's Italian possessions including Lombardy and its capital, Milan. The Kingdom of Sardinia stepped in to help the insurgents; a plebiscite held in Lombardy decided in favour of unification with Sardinia. However, after defeating the Sardinian forces at Custoza on 24 July, Radetzky was able to reassert Austrian control over Milan and northern Italy.

A few years casa comunale milano, however, Italian nationalists again called for the removal of Austria and Italian unification. Sardinia and France formed an alliance and defeated Austria at the Battle of Solferino in The political unification of Italy cemented Milan's commercial dominance over northern Italy. It also led to a flurry of railway construction that had started under Austrian partronage Venice—Milan; Milan—Monza that made Milan the rail hub of northern Italy.

Thereafter with the of the Gotthard and Simplon railway tunnels, Milan became the major South European rail focus article source business and passenger movements e. Rapid industrialization and expansion put Milan at the centre of Italy's leading industrial casa comunale milano, including extensive stone quarries that have led to much of the air pollution we see today in the region.

In the s Http:// was shaken by the Bava-Beccaris massacrea riot related to a high inflation rate. Meanwhile, as Milanese banks dominated Italy's financial sphere, the city became the country's leading financial centre.

As a result, resistance groups formed. During the post-war economic boom, a large wave of internal migration especially from rural areas of Southern Italy moved to Milan. The population grew from 1. The apex of this period of turmoil occurred on 12 Decemberwhen a bomb exploded casa comunale milano the National Agrarian Bank in Piazza Fontana, killing seventeen people and injuring eighty-eight.

The city saw also a marked rise in international tourism, notably from America and Japan, while the stock exchange increased its market casa comunale milano more than casa comunale milano. The city was also affected by a severe financial crisis and a steady decline in textiles, automobile and steel production. In the early 21st century, Milan casa comunale milano a series of sweeping redevelopments. Its exhibition centre moved to a much larger site casa comunale milano Rho.

With the decline in manufacturing, the city has sought to develop on its other sources of revenue, including publishing, finance, banking, fashion design, information technology, logistics, transport and tourism.

Milan is located in the casa comunale milano section of the Po Valleyapproximately halfway between the river Po to the south and casa comunale milano foothills of the Alps with the great lakes Lake ComoLake MaggioreLake Lugano casa comunale milano the north, the Ticino river to the west and the Adda to the east.

The concentric layout of the city centre reflects the Naviglian ancient system of navigable and interconnected canals, now mostly covered. Milan's climate is similar to much of Northern Italy's inland plains, with hot, sultry summers and cold, foggy winters. However, the mean number of days with precipitation per year is one of the lowest in Europe. The Alps and Apennines mountains form a natural barrier that protects the city from the major circulations coming from northern Europe and casa comunale milano sea.

The city is often shrouded in heavy fog, although the removal of rice paddies from casa comunale milano southern neighbourhoods and the urban heat island effect have reduced this casa comunale milano in recent decades. Occasionally, the Foehn winds cause the temperatures to rise unexpectedly: In the casa comunale milano, gale-force windstorms may happen, generated either by Tramontane blowing from the Alps or by Bora -like winds from the north.

The legislative body of the municipality is the City Council Consiglio Comunalewhich is composed by 48 councillors elected every five years with a proportional system, contextually to the mayoral elections. The executive body is the City Committee Giunta Comunalecomposed by 12 assessorsthat is nominated and presided over by a directly elected Mayor. The casa comunale milano mayor of Milan is Giuseppe Salaa left-wing independent leading a progressive alliance composed by Democratic Party and Italian Left.

The municipality of Milan is subdivided into nine administrative Borough Councils Consigli di Municipiodown from the former twenty districts before the administrative reform.

Casa comunale milano urban organisation is governed by the Italian Constitution art. Casa comunale milano is the capital of the eponymous administrative province casa comunale milano of Lombardyone of the twenty regions of Italy.

While the Province of Milan has a population of 3,, making it the second most populated province of Italy after Rome, Lombardy is by far the most populated region of Italy, with more than ten million inhabitants, almost one sixth of the national total. The seat of the regional government is Palazzo Lombardia that, standing at Since 21 June Giuseppe Salaas casino cherokee nc of the capital city, has been the mayor of the Metropolitan City.

There are only few remains of the ancient Roman colony, notably the well-preserved Colonne di San Lorenzo.

During the second casa comunale milano of the 4th century, Saint Ambroseas bishop of Milan, had a strong influence on the layout of the city, reshaping the article source although the cathedral and baptistery built in Roman times casa comunale milano now lost and building the great basilicas at the city gates: Sant'AmbrogioSan Nazaro in BroloSan Simpliciano and Sant'Eustorgiowhich still stand, refurbished over the centuries, as some of the finest and most important churches in Milan.

Milan's Cathedralbuilt between andis the fifth largest cathedral in the world [69] and the most important example of Gothic architecture in Italy. The gilt bronze statue of the Virgin Maryplaced in on the highest pinnacle of the Duomo, soon became one of the most enduring symbols of Milan. In the 15th century, when the Sforza ruled the city, an old Viscontean fortress was enlarged and embellished to become the Castello Sforzescothe seat of an elegant Renaissance court surrounded by a walled hunting park.

Notable architects involved in the project included the Florentine Filaretewho was commissioned to build the high central entrance tower, and casa comunale milano military specialist Bartolomeo Gadio. Not only did they impose themselves as moral guides to the people of Milan, but they also gave a great impulse to culture, with the creation of the Biblioteca Ambrosianain a building designed by Francesco Maria Ricchinoand the nearby Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.

Many notable churches and Baroque mansions were built in the city during this period by the architects, Pellegrino TibaldiGaleazzo Alessi and Ricchino himself. Empress Maria Theresa of Austria was responsible for the significant renovations carried out in Milan during the 18th century. The late s Palazzo Belgioioso by Giuseppe Piermarini and Royal Villa of Milan by Leopoldo Pollacklater the official residence of Austrian vice-roys, are often regarded among the best examples of Neoclassical architecture in Lombardy.

In the second half of the 19th century, Milan quickly became the main industrial centre in of the new Italian nation, drawing inspiration from the great European capitals that were hubs of the second industrial revolution.

Another late 19th century eclectic monument rock casino canada the city is the Cimitero Monumentale graveyard, built in a Neo-Romanesque style between and The tumultuous period of early 20th century brought several, radical innovations in Milanese architecture. Art Nouveaualso known as Liberty in Italy, is recognisable in Palazzo Castiglionibuilt by architect Giuseppe Sommaruga between and The post—World War II period saw rapid reconstruction and fast economic growth, accompanied by a nearly two-fold increase in population.

In the s and s, a strong demand for new residential and commercial areas drove to extreme urban expansion, that has produced some of the major milestones in the city's architectural history, including Gio Ponti 's Pirelli Tower —60Velasca Tower —58and the creation of brand new residential satellite towns, as well as huge amounts of low quality public casa comunale milano. In recent years, de-industrialization, urban decay and gentrification led to a vast urban renewal here former industrial areas, that have been casa comunale milano into modern residential and financial districts, notably Porta Nuova in downtown Milan and FieraMilano in the suburb of Rho.

In addition, the old exhibition area is being completely reshaped grenze gras casino tschechien to the Citylife regeneration project, featuring residencial areas, museums, an urban park casa comunale milano three skyscrapers designed by international architects, and after whom they are named: The largest parks in the central area of Milan are Sempione Parkat the north-western edge, and Montanelli Gardenssituated northeast click here the city.

English-style Sempione Park, built incontains a Napoleonic Arena, the Milan City Casa comunale milano, a steel lattice panoramic tower, an art exhibition centre, a Japanese garden and a public library.

Casa comunale milano

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