Bob Windham, Actor: World Wide Wrestling. Bob Windham was born on November 26 The War to Settle the Score (TV Movie) Blackjack Mulligan Best of the Born: Nov 26,

In or 83 Kareem Muhammed Ray Candy and Blackjack Mulligan engaged in a vicious brass knucks blackjack mulligan that was televised. Mulligan was the Florida brass knucks champion. The match ended up going outside where both competitors used an old parked pick up truck, complete with rope blackjack mulligan barbed wire in the back, as a battering ram against blackjack mulligan other. Holiday was at the match blackjack mulligan his hyperactivity that was part of his angle.

As a result of a just click for source agreement both father and son spent 24 months in a federal prison and were released in WWE Releases 3 Superstars. Kurt Angle to Wrestle Blackjack mulligan. More the Hours On Blackjack mulligan. Getting into the Business: Blackjack mulligan Wide Wrestling Federation: January 18, — WWWF: Blackjack mulligan Mulligan Jose Luis Rivera.

February 8, — WWWF: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Tony Marino. Blackjack mulligan 15, — WWWF: Pedro Morales defeated Blackjack Mulligan. April 3, — WWWF: April 24, — WWWF: July 24, — WWWF: Bruno Sammartino defeated Blackjack Mulligan. January 8, — WWA Indianapolis: September 1, — AWA: January 28, — NWA: Blackjack mulligan Dog Vachon defeated Blackjack Mulligan.

Blackjack mulligan 24, — NWA: July 12, — WWWF: August 9, — WWWF: August 13, — WWWF: September 15, — WWWF: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Pat Barrett. October 27, — WWWF: November 22, — WWWF: Blackjack Mulligan won a Battle Royal. November 26, — WWWF: November 11, — GCW: April visit web page, — GCW: June 24, — GCW: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Rocky Johnson.

August 7, — GCW: Bobo Brazil defeated Blackjack Mulligan. January 8, — GCW: February 12, — GCW: March 12, — GCW: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Mr. April 3, — GCW: Wrestling I defeated Blackjack Mulligan.

April 23, — GCW: November 26, — GCW: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Baron Von Raschke. Blackjack Mulligan found himself in the Mid-Atlantic territory headlining events. World Wrestling Association Indianapolis: July 5, — GCW: July 19, — GCW: August 9, — GCW: February 7, — GCW: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Big Red.

January 13, — NJPW: November 11, — WWF: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Moondog Rex. December 4, — WWF: Blackjack Mulligan beat Joe Mirto. January 7, — WWF: Blackjack Mulligan defeated A. January 11, — WWF: January 21, — WWF: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Moondog Spot. February 6, — WWF: April 21, — Championship Wrestling Florida: January 26, — South West Championship Wrestling: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Hercules Ayala. World Wrestling Federation — The Machines: The Machines were a masked threesome suposedly from the orient and managed by Mobile casino games for Lou Albano.

August blackjack mulligan, — The Big Event: September 22, — MSG: September 26, — WWF: October 21, — Montreal: World Wrestling Federation — Blackjack Mulligan: December 1, — WWF: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Rene Goulet.

December 26, — WWF: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Nikolai Volkoff. January 19, — WWF: Blackjack Mulligan defeated Brutus Beefcake. February 2, — WWF: February 25, please click for source WWF: March 1, — WWF: Blackjack Mulligan beat Tiger Chung Lee. March 30, — WWF: April 23, — WWF: Blackjack Mulligan 66 suffered a stroke and lost sight and control of the left side of his face.

The Windham family sent word out over the weekend that Blackjack Mulligan had blackjack mulligan a mild stroke. April 7, — Blackjack Mulligan died from heart complications.

Apr 07,  · The WWE announced Thursday that Hall of Famer Robert Windham, better known as Blackjack Mulligan, died at age Windham was one-half of The.

Robert Windham, better known as Blackjack Mulligan, the patriarch of the Blackjack mulligan wrestling family that includes three performers on the current WWE roster, passed away. Windham had been in poor health for some time after suffering a heart attack and other assorted ailments.

Windham, 73, was a major star in pro wrestling during the 70s and 80s. He was only in the business top casino games gamehouse two years, working under his real name, before he got his big break in the WWWF intaking the Blackjack Mulligan name, copying the gimmick with the black cowboy hat and black glove of Blackjack Lanza Jack Blackjack mulliganwho had become one of the top heels in the business a few years earlier.

Mulligan was the first contender for Pedro Morales after he won the WWWF title from Ivan Koloff inand used the name until his full-time career ended in During that blackjack mulligan he was a top of the card star, usually as a heel, although blackjack mulligan was a very successful babyface in the Carolinas and Florida.

Mulligan's strength as a performer was his size and his interview ability. As 6-foot-5 and pounds, he was often billed at 6-foot-9, and frequently opposed Andre the Giant. There was also a famous story of Mulligan sucker punching Andre at a beach front blackjack mulligan, but Andre came back and dragged Mulligan into the Atlantic Ocean. But his biggest success came after the blackjack mulligan broke up, when visit web page in the Carolinas, often teaming with Ric Flair, who he was best friends with and blackjack mulligan a van, and also feuded with him.

During that period, he won the U. Mulligan also had unsuccessful runs as a promoter, after he and Dick Murdoch purchased the dying West Texas territory from the Funk Brothers, and later blackjack mulligan a co-owner of poker casino sydney Knoxville based promotion. Mulligan's career largely ended in when he served time in prison, with son Kendall, for counterfeiting.

Mulligan's son Barry and Kendall Windham, were both just click for source and Casino share was one of the best blackjack mulligan in the world in the late 80s. Windham had been sued by WWE in July, which was strange since his serious health issues were well known and his sons were stars with the group.

The lawsuit was a preemptive move as blackjack mulligan company believed Windham was going to sue them on the concussion issue. The lawsuit was thrown blackjack mulligan of court two weeks ago when all the concussion related suits and WWE's counter suits except two were thrown out. Related Articles Wrestling Weekly: June 16 Karl Stern Show: Third and 4th generation wrestlers, NXT angle, Samoans, shoot to work, more.

Blackjack mulligan 16 Karl Stern Blackjack mulligan. WWE Raw live results: October 23, Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWE European tour notes: Bound for Glory live results: Need technical or billing help?: Open a Helpdesk ticket.

Blackjack Mulligan 1942-2016

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BlackJack Mulligan. 21K likes. This FAN page Does NOT Represent The Actual Person(s). Brought to you By: OLD SCHOOL PRO WRESTLERS.
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The Mulligan family is one of the most successful families in wrestling history. Blackjack Mulligan was the patriarch.
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Apr 07,  · The WWE announced Thursday that Hall of Famer Robert Windham, better known as Blackjack Mulligan, died at age Windham was one-half of The.
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The Mulligan family is one of the most successful families in wrestling history. Blackjack Mulligan was the patriarch.
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Apr 07,  · Former pro wrestler Blackjack Mulligan is dead at age 73, World Wrestling Entertainment announced Thursday. "WWE is .
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